Get pampered while @ work!

1080 721 Dominik (Cocoquadrat)

How does indulgence and work fit together?

We believe that coffee and lunch breaks are synonymous with socialization where great friendships and networks are created. You´ll have the possibility to connect with your co.workers in a laid back atmosphere. Our team will indulge you with our good energy, quality food and locally roasted coffee. We choose our partners, whether they are local or global, a one man show or a fancy supplier with only one thing in mind: Quality!

Our Smoothies and energizer are made of real fruits! Our Melts out of Slow Flood Graham Wheat Bread and our Coffee local ly roasted by people we know and trust. Tribeka, is a small roastery in Graz, where the best blend we know is carefully roasted, with concerns on origin and roasting methods, to enable best quality coffee beans. We take your food intolerances and preferences seriously and offer lactose free or soy milk without any extra costs. We like to be flexible and can prepare almost all our Bites for Vegetarians and Vegans. Further we are working on a deal with a gluten free/vegan/organic baker from town. We will keep you posted on this!

The connection of our co.working space and the coffeeshop makes it easy for you not to have to think about money or payments, as you will be able to easily pay your coffeeshop bill directly through your co.worker account.

cocoquadrat-coffeeOur Coffeeshop is designed to be open to everybody searching for a smile, a good cup of coffeeand a hell of a fantastic grilled Cheese (Melts).

See you soon!!